Join us on 21st September to bring the UWC values to life

Let's celebrate UWC Day!

21st September 2014 (World Peace Day) will mark the second UWC Day - an annual celebration of UWC's values and impact worldwide.

Events and initiatives will be held around the world on and around the day by our students, alumni, volunteers and staff, and we want you to be a part of it.

By participating in UWC Day, you can help raise awareness of UWC and our mission to create a more peaceful, sustainable future and highlight the impact UWC has made in your life.

How? Join an event or initiative or start your own. For ideas and inspiration, see last year's events.

The latest events and happenings...

21st September 2014, Buenos Aires

UWC Day - Buenos Aires 2014

Pedal for Peace

20th September 2014, Bogotá D.C.

El 21 de septiembre de este año (día mundial de la Paz) será el segundo día UWC - una celebración

21st September 2014, Mostar

Traveling in Mostar Day - Traditional dances, performances and much more! 

20th September 2014, Mostar

Volunteer Day!

“Without UWC I would never...”

We want to know about the effect UWC has had on your life.
Take a photo to complete the sentence “without UWC I would never...”, upload it to our Flickr group,
and let us know in the description how it ends!

The more original, funny and inventive the better

Post them onto our Facebook or the UWC Day Flickr Group

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